Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

थे से आईटी'स यौर Birthday

Lydia at my last week Dual-Birthday-Party (Me & Eli)

They Say It’s Your Birthday

So I’m luggin’ stuff home from the Laundromat-- kind of hot & sticky-- but
I’m feelin’ good 'cos I just got my laundry done. Small accomplishment,
but what the hey, I’m heading South, enjoying some nice moon and some just-post-twilight clouds over the Susquehanna. Cumuli.

A girl is walking toward me, don’t know her-- I say “hey” & she says “Happy Birthday.” and me, not knowing what to say (my birthday was just last week), say a mumbly,“Oh, hey!”

Which means approximately “Thanks, I think...” in Second Street talk. We’re getting farther apart-- she’s going North-- and now she says, with some urgency, “Say it, say Happy Birthday,” so I say “Happy Birthday! Today?” And she says “August 16!”

Yep, that‘s all she wrote. Nice moment. I mean, people shouldn’t ignore each other on the streets. Y'know? And she keeps North. Me? South, go home, dump my transfigured clothes, fire up my Toshiba & seize the riff-moment. Pocketa-pocketa: here ya go, this is what blogs are made for.

And, P.S.
Let’s note Carly’s birthday, yesterday, in Louisville.
Happy Birthday Carly!

Carly & Carrot Top, in happier times