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थे से आईटी'स यौर Birthday

Lydia at my last week Dual-Birthday-Party (Me & Eli)

They Say It’s Your Birthday

So I’m luggin’ stuff home from the Laundromat-- kind of hot & sticky-- but
I’m feelin’ good 'cos I just got my laundry done. Small accomplishment,
but what the hey, I’m heading South, enjoying some nice moon and some just-post-twilight clouds over the Susquehanna. Cumuli.

A girl is walking toward me, don’t know her-- I say “hey” & she says “Happy Birthday.” and me, not knowing what to say (my birthday was just last week), say a mumbly,“Oh, hey!”

Which means approximately “Thanks, I think...” in Second Street talk. We’re getting farther apart-- she’s going North-- and now she says, with some urgency, “Say it, say Happy Birthday,” so I say “Happy Birthday! Today?” And she says “August 16!”

Yep, that‘s all she wrote. Nice moment. I mean, people shouldn’t ignore each other on the streets. Y'know? And she keeps North. Me? South, go home, dump my transfigured clothes, fire up my Toshiba & seize the riff-moment. Pocketa-pocketa: here ya go, this is what blogs are made for.

And, P.S.
Let’s note Carly’s birthday, yesterday, in Louisville.
Happy Birthday Carly!

Carly & Carrot Top, in happier times


Friday, May 14, 2010

स्त्री दोग ब्लुएस & Hues

So I'm thinkin' after the Aughts we might leave the park at Queen Anne Gate and walk down Queen’s Gate Terrace. Walk robotically down and down and down.
Psychic automatism in a state most pure, by which one proposes to communicate -- verbally, by means of the written word, or by some other manner-- a virtual performance of whatever conceptual razz-a-ma-tazz might feel age appropriate. Time has come today. As it was in the beginning, aye, there’s the rub, eh wot?

We must prepare ourselves to look simultaneously at the river banks laden with Mickey D’s and David Blaine hanging from multicolored boxes (see: Boxing Day, Lady Day, foggy day in, and/or You Deserve a Break Today) – and to, or at, the older scene where Iris Murdoch’s stories took place, which formulate or foment-- your call-- reflection re, like, after the Romans first settled here v. the city’s constant transformation against earlier versions of itself. Against interpretation.

Waves, raves. Knaves, staves. The pink claws of the morning can be so primal. The charismatic adjacence of the Thames implies spirit, and, maybe, a loss of self in cosmic unconsciousness dictated by stray dog thought-- the absence of control exercised by reason, exempt from any aesthetic or moral concern. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Bringin' in the sheathes!

Yes, any variation seems to remain a great-barrier-reefer 'twixt our inner sense of becoming and the non-human character of the outer world, which, according to that ancient materialist Lucretius should not be characterized as either one of becoming or being, creation or destruction. Three phases of Brahman. I mean, hey, don’t put me in a box!