Sunday, December 20, 2009

Current Conditions

ब्रोकेन क्लौड्स विथ मिस्ट

or "Broken clouds, with mist,"

On CNN today-- CNN seems very obsessed with the weather today, and they're running
miscellaneous city forecasts at the bottom of the screen to enhance a sense of urgency (and, to snare viewers on their way to the Weather Cannel). One said, for Grand Rpaids, MI: "Broken clouds, with mist," in big dark letters, like JELLO. I like that.

So I figured I'd document that riff right here, right now, before it becomes
lost & alone in the mist of day[s]. But when I typed that into the allotted
space in the posting mechanism for the title, it came out like this "ब्रोकेन क्लौड्स विथ Mist".

And I dunno how that happened, but, just in case, it's important, like
maybe a message from beyond our universe, or something-- I've included
it here in the body of my post.

Uh, oh! after several moments of re-typing, trying to change the title into
American, or, even, the King's English, it won't change or go away.
It fact it even commandeered the "Mist"! Now. I'm too nervous to try again.
Sheesh! Sun spots? Holiday spiritus run amok? I mean, really, now what?
Now what? Aliens beaming messages from the top
of the Chrysler building? Flies in the buttermilk?

Seriously! What's a mother to do?