Sunday, December 20, 2009

Current Conditions

ब्रोकेन क्लौड्स विथ मिस्ट

or "Broken clouds, with mist,"

On CNN today-- they seem very obsessed with the weather, and they're running
miscellaneous city forecasts at the bottom of the screen to enhance a sense of urgency (and, to snare viewers on their way to the Weather Channel). One said, for Grand Rapids, MI: "Broken clouds, with mist," in big dark letters, like JELLO. I like that.

So I figured I'd document that, right here, right now, before it becomes
lost & alone in the mist of day[s]. But when I typed that into the allotted
space in the posting mechanism for the title, it came out like this "ब्रोकेन क्लौड्स विथ Mist".

And I dunno how that happened, but, just in case, it's important, like
maybe a message from beyond our universe, or something-- I've included
it here in the body of my post.

Sheesh! Sun spots? Holiday spiritus run amok?
I mean, really, now what?

Now what? Aliens beaming messages from the top
of the Chrysler building? Flies in the buttermilk?

 What's a mother to do?